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Austette is born! (6 months ago…)

2023-11-21 – Today marks the birth of my daughter!

Yep that’s what I wrote six months ago before being distracted by something and immediately forgetting about this post. Looks like the last thing I wrote was Minecraft Memories almost a year ago.


I didn’t forget about the blog, it’s just been hard to find a topic I could really get into while making enough time to work on it. But I figure the least I could do is talk about New Baby.

Little Austette was born last November a couple of days before thanksgiving day. She and my wife couldn’t leave the hospital until Thanksgiving day so we had to postpone family celebrations until that Firday. But that seemed to work out best as extended family got to attend whereas they would have been unable to on that Thursday. So more people got to meet the new baby.

Anyway, here are some photos of Austette from the past six months.

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