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Posted: Apr 24, 2014 @ 2:52pm

Okay, first things first. This is a top-down, isometrict point and click shooter. It is not the traditional Halo game. If you are expecting this to give you the same experience as Halo 1, 2, 3, Read, or 4, then you will be dissapointed.


Don't go into this expecting a full Halo experience. Just buy and play the game, as if you've never heard of the Halo series before.

It's a fairly decent game for what it does. The levels are fairly straightforward, you follow blips on your radar to mission goals. There are the familiar Halo enemies like the Elites, Grunts, and Jackals. The same Halo weapons are here, except some of the smaller guns like the pistol and plasma pistol are gimped by their slow rate of fire and lack of scope mechanism.

Shooting is a little difficult in this game. I found it near impossible to aim with an Xbox controller. It's a lot better with a mouse and keyboard, though still not perfect. And controlling the Scorpion tank is nigh impossible with the mouse AND controller.

Oh, yeah. There are vehicles. They work the same way they do in the main games, just from a different perspective.

Some have complained that the missions are boring or repetitive, but I've found them to be pretty fun. The game allows you to set skulls (anyone who has played the Xbox games will know what this is) to increase difficulty and multiply your score.

It does have the Halo atmosphere, even though it isn't the same as a classic Halo experience.

The only thing the game lacks is multiplayer. It would be fun to do some of the missions co-op, though, admittedly, the missions are way to short for that. Some classic CTF or deathmatch modes would be a lot of fun, though. Imagine if there was a top-down version of the classic Blood Gulch map? Support this game and maybe it will happen in an update or DLC.

This brings me to my mine point. If you want to see some real Halo games on Steam, then support this game. This is an excellent opportunity. Rave about this game, for what it does. It's an excellent deal for only six dollars. I'm hoping if this is successful on Steam, we might see Halo Wars or even the Halo 1 remake. Support this game, email Microsoft or 343 Studios.

If you're a big fan of the Halo universe and backstory (have read the novels, etc) then you will probably enjow this game. If you only like first-person Halo games, then this will disappoint you. Please don't buy the game, then ♥♥♥♥♥ because it's not the game you actually wanted. If you want more Halo, then please be supportive of this.
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